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There are 3 packages I offer. The basic package consists of a 100% honest face rate (your privacy is always guaranteed). The second package includes an additional face analysis where I outline your facial strengths and flaws. The third package gives Looksmaxxing advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s a specific question you have which is not answered below then please get in touch
How does the rating system work?
I carefully consider what rating to give after viewing all pictures from various angles. Usually, as soon as I open the pictures, I will have an instinctual reaction of what rating to give. I then go into a deeper analysis of what features are attractive and which are not. I also take into account the harmony of features and if they compliment each other. Finally, I try to envision myself as a female swiping on a dating app and how she would respond to reduce the impact of my own bias.
What is the rating out of?
The rating is "out of 10". However, technically it is "out of 8" as this is the maximum you can achieve. The reason this is the case is the numbers 8, 9 and 10 all kinda mean the same thing, in the respect they identify someone in the "top percentile of looks". The lowest score is 2/10 for the same reason as there is no distinction between a 1 or 2.
What photos should I include?
Provide 3-5 pics from various angles (frontal, side & angled) with everything visible including jawline, hairline etc. A couple body pics are usually helpful too
Do I need to include anything else?
It's useful if you include other relevant information such as height, weight, age, how confident/extroverted you are and so on.
How long does it take to get delivered?
At an absolute maximum 3 days (72 hours is a guarantee). But I am usually able to finish each report between the 24-48 hour mark. If you purchase 1 day delivery your order jumps straight to the front of the queue and I complete within 12 hours usually
Can you tell me what my best features are?
Yes! Select package 2 to get a detailed analysis of your face with all of your best features listed and flaws listed from most to least important.
Can you tell me what my biggest flaws are?
Yes! Select the package 2 to get a detailed analysis of your face with all flaws listed from most to least important and your best features
Can you tell me what I need to do to improve?
Yes! Select package 3 to get looksmaxxing advice on how to improve your looks and how this will affect your rating
Where can I find my transaction ID?
Once you purchase a package you will receive a unique transaction ID. This can be found on the first email sent to you. Ensure it always starts with RBW and is then followed by 7 digits. You will need this when you send your images immediately after paying.



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Hi I’m Wheat Waffles,

I am here to help men learn how attractive they are using objectivity and science.

I started out on YouTube 2 years ago wanting to spread the message of the importance of looks for men and how much it has an impact on their dating lives, which frankly is understated in today’s modern world, I’m here to change that.

No one likes a delusional person, therefore I believe learning how attractive you are as a man is crucial knowledge because:

1. It gives you an idea of how attractive the girls you should be approaching
2. It gives you a bench mark on where you are currently so you can use that to improve

I’ve observed the ruthless nature of the current dating market. Instagram, Tinder and more recently Tiktok have put looks at the forefront of your value as a man. I’m very proud of the videos covering this on my YouTube channel and the services I provide on this website. My mission of spreading the truth will help most men

Lastly I see myself as a very authentic person. I’m not afraid to show my face. I have spent a lot of time sifting through studies, charts and data trying to back up what I say. And I’ve even spent days interviewing girls on a college campus trying to find whether my message is true.

Feel free to explore this website, there is free value scattered throughout including the face rating chart and flow chart guide of what you can do in your dating life based on your attractiveness. If you’d like to get in touch directly and have tailored services, you can get your face rated, face strengths and weaknesses outlined, looksmaxxing advice all delivered to you by myself.

Message Me

If you are interested in purchasing a package please click the button below to get in touch directly via email. From there it’ll usually take me within 24 hours for you to get a response